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May 6, 2019

You can score with these topics of conversation
The date stands and falls with the communication and the topics of conversation. If you want to be on the safe side, it’s best to think about suitable, interesting topics. This can help prevent unwanted silence.
Suitable conversation content

The best is inconsequential small talk – here you can do little wrong. When you take over the conversation, you choose unsophisticated topics. Versatile and always interesting are general topics like hobbies, books or traveling.

Here you can draw on the full and report on your own experiences, exchange ideas and receive suggestions. Perhaps you discover even more similarities on which you can build the further course of the evening or other meetings.

If you want to tell about your job, you do so with the necessary passion. If your job bores you, avoid this topic better.

Do not talk about it

When it comes to data, one only wants to get to know each other, not the other’s friends or family. Anyone who starts to nag or pull over others here leaves a very negative picture. Avoid serious and sad topics.
Completely uninteresting for the man are your former relationships. You should keep your lovesickness to yourself, because after all, you want to enter into a new relationship and not be supported in the mourning work. Even family problems are not exactly suitable for showing off his chocolate side.
If such first rather irrelevant conversations do not appreciate, you should try out a Silent Date. This can be a lot more intense and you avoid awkward minutes of silence. Or rather take a step back and use the single chat.

Express interest

Men are usually more silent than ladies. Nevertheless, you should not only talk about yourself, but also let him have a say. For example, ask him specifically about details of his job or other things that interest you. Instead of simple yes-no questions, you’d rather ask questions openly to give him the opportunity to talk about yourself in detail.

If you want to catapult purposefully out of the way, give it a try with our worst startups. A finish can not be more elegant.