Keeping the Fire of Love Burning

April 6, 2019

Having a good romantic relationship is one of the best things money cannot buy. Spending life with a partner is better than spending it alone. Facing problems is easier with someone lending a helping hand, and even passing through the twilight years is easier with a loving and faithful partner.

Love is not enough to make relationships work.

Couples should remember that in order for love to grow and strengthen, a lot of things should be considered. Promises, kisses, chocolates, roses, endless dinner dates, fabulous gifts, weekend getaways, and wishes for a better tomorrow are not enough for lovers to last. In order to experience a strong relationship, couples should respect and be faithful to one another, spend quality time with each other, understand and embrace the strengths and weaknesses of one another, continuously communicate and evolve together, and be on each other’s arms, despite the challenges of life.

However, people cannot avoid problems and certain factors that can affect the spark of romance between lovers. Things such as miscommunication, third parties, boredom, insecurities, consistent fights, loss of respect, and other problems can hinder a good relationship. In order to avoid the deterioration of romance, couples should exert some effort and consider certain things in order to keep the fire of romance burning. Here are some tips:

1. Keep Physical Intimacy Alive

Touch plays a very important role in a relationship. Studies states that touch induce the bodily hormone called oxytocin which influences personal attachment. It is the reason a mother’s touch is important for a baby because it connects them together.Hugging, kissing, holding hands, and other physical expression of love does not only uplift one’s spirits, but it also ensures the partner that his/her lover is always there willing to offer him/her love, protection, consolation, and hope.

Lastly, Sex is the ultimate manifestation of love. It is the expression of love through physical intimacy. Experts consider sex as one of the pillars of a strong relationship. Sex plays an important role in a relationship because it unites the couple as one, gives them time to explore one another’s physical wonders, and leads them to an ecstatic state that celebrates their love. Sex builds trust and confidence.

Sex is one of the best solutions to stress. It might be exhausting, but it is a good form of relaxation. Studies show that lack of sex is one of the primary reasons why couples fight and break up. Sex brings a lot of positive energy, and it radiates through the couple’s attitude, way of thinking, and performance.
In a situation where a couple is suffering from a sex-less relationship, one should initiate the act before it is too late to build the fire of intimacy again. Experts recommend couples to have sex at least once a week in order to retain the bond of romance.

2. Spend Quality Time Together

Another important factor that couples should consider in order to retain a strong relationship is the amount of time they spend together. Time does not only bond the couple, but it gives them the period to know each other, discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and endure problems together.

Since doing daily routines can lead to boredom, doing something new is the best way to spend time together. Lovers can venture into new things such as going into an adventure trip, learning a musical instrument, studying a foreign language, starting a new hobby, playing a new sport, visiting a distant place, and other new things that can bring excitement and shared happiness to the couple.

Going to a vacation is another excellent way to spend time together. Visiting romantic places such as Paris and Venice will surely bring good experiences and memories to the couple. A weekend escapade in a sunny paradise or a tour in a historical place will not just bridge certain gaps between the couple, but the moment spent together will give them enough time to heal some wounds, ponder about their relationship, and develop their connection for the future of their relationship.

3. Never Stop Communicating

Communication plays a vital role for every relationship to last. It resolves problems, shows emotions, and develops a stronger bond. Verbal and non-verbal communications are the best ways to relate, understand, and converse with one another.

Communication defies distance. When one lover is away, he/she can still get in touch with the other partner through telephone or internet. It is essential to stay connected in order to monitor one another’s safety and whereabouts.
If the couple are just new together, communication also serves as the channel where the partners can get to know each other. Daily messages, questions, affectionate gestures, and other forms of communication informs one partner about the other, leading to a mutual understanding that is very significant to strengthen the relationship.

4. Healthy Relationships are Built on Give and Take

Learning the art of giving and taking is another crucial factor for a relationship to last. One should not expect to get what he/she wants when entering a relationship. Relationships are not built on material things and promises of endless gifts, but on a foundation of constant giving and taking, constant sacrifices, communication, hardships, acceptance, and love.

Listening to one another is important to learn what the other partner needs. Understanding one another is very important in order to give and take in a relationship. If he/she wants to have his/her own time, the other partner should respect it. If the other partner is not comfortable doing some things, the other partner should also let go of his/her interests in order to give respect to his/her partner.

The things mentioned above are just few of the tips on how to strengthen your romantic relationship and make love last. People should remember that the mentioned things are only guidelines in order to maintain a good relationship and the effectiveness of the mentioned things only matter if couples exert effort, stay in constant communication, stay faithful, and stay in love with one another. After all, love is the strongest force in a relationship that can defy and re-define the world.