Get Your Ex Back By Avoiding Common Mistakes

February 28, 2019

One of the most painful and devastating experiences in life is coping with the wounds from a terrible break up. This is even worse if you still are in love with the other person. The fighting and arguments might be over, but you still have uneasy feelings and difficult memories about your ex lover, and these can be very difficult to deal with. It is not easy to completely get your ex out of your head, and you are probably constantly thinking about why the relationship ended in such a manner. If you are seriously convinced of the fact that your relationship shouldn’t end, due to your love for this individual, you must learn how to get your ex back.

Most people try again and again to attempt reconciliation, but often the situation appears to be more and more hopeless

Each time a reconciliation ends with failure, it becomes that much more difficult to successfully restart the relationship. If this describes you, what you really need is to create a strategy on how to successfully win back your ex.

One problem is that the majority of the time, people act on their emotions, which can actually cause more trouble and decrease the chances of reconciliation. This might be coming from an honest source, but it’s still essential to drop emotions and approach the situation from a logical perspective. How are you going to get your ex back? Sometimes this requires professional help, such as counseling. A counselor can often help you discover things that you didn’t know about the relationship, and help you to accept that certain areas of the relationship that failed were due to things that you could have changed.

I myself have counseled people in these situations, and I have discovered that most people do the wrong thing when trying to win back their ex’s love. I’ve deduced that the reason for this problem is fear; fear makes people say things that they wouldn’t otherwise say. These are desperate things that are said only due to fear of losing the other person forever. People begin to beg and plead, occasionally stalk or create death threats and do other similar things that can end a relationship for good. Nobody wants to be with someone that they find dangerous, and these types of activities can be extremely scary, especially to females. I have some suggestions for how to avoid this situation and get your ex back without any ethical drawbacks.

In a majority of relationships I counsel, I realize that many of them are destroyed due to a failure to understand what makes each other happy

It could be apparent that someone in the relationship feels muffled by the other person and may want to end the relationship in hopes that they will find a more thrilling and fulfilling friendship with someone else. During your efforts toward learning how to get your ex back, it is important to remember that this reason could be a probable cause for the separation in your relationship. At some point in the initial stages after the separation, you should try to stay as far away from your ex as possible and make every effort to minimize any forms of communication. The reason for doing this is that you want to create some curiosity about your life to your ex lover, that will cause him or her to wonder what you are up to and where have you been lately.

An important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t play the blame game, even if you believe that your ex was the reason that you broke up. Blame and guilt will not help solve anything, and may possibly highlight reasons why you broke up in the first place. It is essential that you open up with others about your pain; find friends and family with whom you can talk to about the situation openly, and who will be understanding. Yet you still must find forgiveness for your ex.

This is essential if you hope to restart your relationship. If you have not completely forgiven your ex, the future will be tainted with problems from your past. The past is always going to be the past, but you can still create a new future.

Before you start taking the necessary steps in trying to rebuild your relationship you must look first at yourself. Improve your personal life and look for areas in your life that may have contributed to your break up. See what makes you happy and make sure that your needs come first before trying to fulfill someone else’s. Start doing activities that interest you. Join a club that you might have always wanted to join. Surround yourself with friends and positive people. This will not only help to build your self esteem but will keep your mind off of the failed relationship. Even if you get back with your ex, make sure you still keep a sense of self. Once your ex sees you enjoying yourself and not moping over the lost relationship, he or she may come running back in no time!
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