Interesting Questions for Your First Date

April 22, 2019

Some Tips

  1. 1. Questions help in learning about the other person’s tastes and interests and calculating whether both of you are compatible enough for beginning a romantic relationship.
  2. 2. Listen attentively to what your date has to say for conveying your seriousness towards the relationship. Other than the all important questions to keep a conversation going, attentive listening is an important ingredient for a nice date. It also helps in framing follow-up questions.
  3. 3. Try to keep the first date simple and short so that a lot of curiousness develops for the next dates in case you decide for the same. Risky discussions such as politics, past relationships and religion should be avoided.
  4. 4. Stay relaxed and add a tinge of humor to your conversation every now and then.Some Basic Questions

As both the persons do not know each other properly during their first date, maintaining a flowing conversation can be a little difficult task. Some basic questions to keep a conversation going are:

What were you doing all day? This is one of the best conversation starters on first dates as it provides the other person with a chance to describe about him/herself and it also creates a good impression of you on account of your manners and politeness. This also provides us with an opportunity of learning about the other person’s personality based on the content of their description.

Do you like to keep pets?

This is one of the most interesting questions to keep a conversation going as it usually initiates a nice and lively conversation. This question works irrespective of the fact whether your date is a pet lover or not as in any case the other person loves explaining their viewpoint. Such lively talks help in developing a comfortable air which is very much essential for having a fun-filled date.What are your hobbies? This question again focuses on your date’s tastes and interests and hence they will love talking about it. It also helps you to calculate your compatibility with your date in terms of hobbies. If any common passion exists, it provides for an exciting topic to discuss upon. You can discuss about the reasons behind loving a particular hobby and your proficiency level in it. This also helps in gauging the personality of your date in terms of being work oriented or not.

What do you think about….? Such open ended questions are good to initiate a conversation with someone. You can ask questions about the present situation or something that has happened recently. Answers to such questions usually provide good discussion opportunities.

Such simple questions go a long way in striking a flowing conversation during a date. The most important thing about asking questions on a date is that you should always focus upon your date and make him/her speak out about themselves and always remember to keep a smile on your face. Smile, confidence, open ended questions, curiosity and attentive listening are important factors for having a remarkable first date in terms of conversation.

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Look into these easy and useful conversation starters for couples in a rut. Perhaps here are the 20 questions to get to know someone guaranteed and enjoy these romantic conversation starters to be a star on your very first date.
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