Is It Your Fault That You’re Still Single?

April 29, 2019

The Real Reason You’re Still Single and Having Trouble Finding “The One”
Are you still single?Are you stuck in an unhealthy relationship?Do you consistently get involved with the wrong men?

  • Do you feel like you’ll never get a long term commitment?
  • Well, I’ve got some good news for you.
  • If you think it’s your fault that you’re still single I’m here to tell you…
  • It’s not your fault!

According to relationship expert and dating coach Paige Parker, you’re still single and not finding the love of your dreams because you’ve been set up from failure starting when you were young.

“ We’ve been fed a big LIE by Hollywood and society,” explains Parker, “which causes us to have majorly skewed expectations of a romantic partner.”

You cannot create a lasting loving relationship without first creating healthy expectations. If each partner is not clear on what they’re bringing to the relationship and what needs are theirs to fulfill, then they cannot find and keep true love.

But what are we taught from a young age. We’re taught to seek a man, a “Prince Charming” who will rescue us and make our lives perfect. These fairy tale images fill the fairy tale movies the girls still watch today.

Now that we’re older that fairy tale dream is biting us in the rear.

Many women spend their time looking for “The One.” Unfortunately they spend so much time seeking that perfect life with their “Prince” that they forget about finding happiness within themselves.

It may not be your fault that you’re single or unhappy in your relationship, however it is your responsibility to do something about it. You still have the power to take control of your love life.

  • You can’t let the promise of the fairy tale life you envisioned as a young girl ruins your chances at love as an adult.
  • Break out of the habit of looking for the “Prince.”
  • Reject the “BIG RELATIONSHIP LIE” that you’ve been fed.
  • Once you do that you’ll be able to find and keep “The One.”

Paige Parker has a video that shows the two steps that can turn your love life around today. If you’re ready to stop sabotaging your chances at love then click here to watch this video.

It’s time you did something just for you, something that will get you into the arms of your Mr Right.  Click here to get started.