How Do I Convince Her To Give Me A Second Chance After Cheating?

February 9, 2019

She left you because of your inexcusable mistake and you want to get back with her. But you’re not sure what to do first. Probably, you know the exact word to say but you don’t have the guts to say it. For some, saying sorry is the hardest thing to do and it’s the most difficult word to utter.

Why do we struggle to say such phonetically simple words? The difficulty lies on the fact that admitting we’re wrong and asking for forgiveness mean letting go of our agenda, confessing that our way wasn’t the best, and meeting head-on the pride that so often seeks to dominate our days. While seeking forgiveness is difficult, it is still possible. As the psalmist wrote, “The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and save’th such as be of a contrite spirit.” (Psalm 34:18)

Healing the Wounds

The emotional blow is very hard to deal with when a relationship falls apart because of cheating. Most women can’t accept the reality that they were cheated on because of their incapacity as a partner. Some even can’t move on and will imprison themselves in liquors or even drugs and start cursing men or they will never love again. Others will love just for vengeance.

You’re not going to work your way out of the dog house by asking for a second chance. It’s going to take a lot more than pretty words to turn her head back in your direction. Her heart may be in your corner but she is hurting and she is angry.

The more we work to make our relationships strong and magical, the more we’re prone to tests and problems. Fixing the root cause of the problem is not easy and it needs to be balanced. We need to consider the pros and cons of each other to make our relationship with our partners as robust as possible.

Earning a Second Chance

Bringing back the past is not easy and sometimes it ends in failure. An intensive hard work, true love and a necessary action plan is needed to reach the summit of success. Sometimes fool proof methods does work but it’s not a guarantee that you’ll end up successful; and what’s not good in using fool proof method is you’re fooling her again with some odd tactics.

With that in mind, what are things you can do to earn that second chance you want so badly to save your marriage?

1) Give her some space after the breakup. A room is needed for her to cool off and reevaluate her life. Maintain a distance with limited contact. You no longer have the right to know exactly what she is doing or where is she at any given moment. If the two of you are sealed with marriage, you still need to limit your communication with her.

2) Move on. If she decides to talk to you, try not to focus on the issue. Try to avoid discussing relationships until she’s ready to do so. If possible, let her start the conversation about the said topic. Don’t pretend to be a different person as no one changes overnight.

3) Work with people as they are. Be realistic. If you find yourself thinking “If only he would tell me what he’s thinking” or “If only he didn’t criticize me so much,” remember that if you want to bring about some changes in those relationships, you should put away this “if only” and accept people as they are.

4) Notice how others change in response. Develop your independence. The more you take control and allow yourself to be yourself, the more you will be respected by others. Don’t be afraid if a disagreement with someone ends in an argument. The better you become at playing your full part in relationships, the better you will feel about yourself. Once you accept yourself, others will find it easier to accept you.

The Conclusion

Win her with gifts. Gifts are expressions of love, gratitude, faithfulness and solidarity. You can give her favorites. Chocolates and flowers are advisable to give as gifts because there is nothing sweeter and fragrant than showing how you really feel for that one special in your life.

Relationship is not only about love and happiness. There will always be some additives to spice it up. It’s up to the involved persons to handle such spices. Once everything has been mixed, that relationship will be the best food cooked by a chef and that chef is you.

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