Relationship Tips on TrustHow To Get a Relationship…

July 7, 2019

Trust used to be a big issue for me.  

Any relationship tips on trust that I received were thrown out the window.   I remember when I was a teenager, and even into my mid-twenties, I had a hard time trusting anyone I dated! This is because I had been used and lied to so much in my dating life that it seemed like not having trust was a part of every relationship!

Not true!

Trust is something that is earned, but also something that needs to be there if you are going to have a good relationship. Trust is an important part of any relationship!

Here’s why trust is so important:

No Trust Causes Problems

If you don’t trust your partner in a relationship then how can you expect to be happy? Not trusting them means you are questioning their motives and actions at all times during the relationship. That does not equal happiness.
When you are constantly questioning their motives and actions you can cause them to become unhappy and cause yourself to become paranoid. Both are negative emotions, and negativity in a relationship will always cause fights and independent, personal issues.

No Trust Causes Imagined Stories

Relationship tips on trust all start out with the insight of believing in their innocence until they are proven guilty.
Not only will you cause problems in the relationship, but you will also start to add an element to your relationship that isn’t actually there!

You know what I’m talking about. This is when your partner tells you that they are going to their ‘friends’ house for the night and instead of believing them you make up stories in your head about how their ‘friend’ is really someone who they are going to sleep with!

Of course, chances are that their friend is really just a friend, and your irrational thinking is causing you to worry and fret for no reason!

Worry causes stress on your body and that can affect your health.

So all because you are not willing to trust your partner, you have effectively influenced your health negatively!
The Best Relationship Tips on Trust?

The best relationship tips on trust go something like this:

1. Start out trusting your partner.

2. If they do something to break the trust then find out why they did so and if their reasoning has any validity behind it.
If there reason is valid, and they swear not to do it again, then move on with the relationship with trust.
If there reason is not valid and they seem to be hiding something then find out what it is or end the relationship as a relationship without trust is like a person overboard without a life vest – doomed.

3. If they break your trust again find the underlying reason they did so and fix that reason.

4. If they break your trust again, and you can’t find a reason why they did so, then end the relationship for the same reason as number 4.

It’s really that easy. You don’t have to put up with a liar, but one instance of breaking trust is not enough for you to lose complete trust in them forever. It just takes some effort to get to the bottom of why they broke your trust, and some patience to make sure you fix that core issue so it never happens again!

If they continuously break your trust however, then you are allowed to leave the relationship. A relationship is not a relationship without trust.