Romance Tips For Your Marriage You Can Never Have Enough Romance Tips!

July 14, 2019

Wondering where the romance has gone in your marriage?

That’s quite common. Everyday life can get in the way of keeping the romance alive! And romance tips may be the last thing you are looking for. But, if you want, there are things you can do to bring the romance back and keep it around. The thing to remember is that you have to take action. You have to put effort towards bringing the romance back consistently or you will eventually be back to where you are right now.

4 Romance Tips That You Can Start Using Right Now

Make a Date Night

Romance tips almost always revolve around spending time together. A date night in a marriage doesn’t have to be like a date night when you are dating. You may have more responsibilities like kids and work, and a night out on the town isn’t going to work too well!

If that’s the case you can always make one night a week a date night at home. You can spend the night together talking, playing a game, or watching a movie – as long as you are together.

If you can go out then do it! Going out and experiencing new things will bring you closer as a couple and allow you to really connect without the normal every day things around you.

Point being: Make a date night once per week and stick to it!

Mix it Up in Bed

There’s probably something that you are not doing in bed that you would like to be doing! Bring it up to your partner and see if changing it up in the bedroom can be done. It will make your sex life more exciting and you will find that you will have sex more! This is a great romance tip as you will feel closer romantically to your partner when you are not having sex after you have wowed each other in bed. It’s a win-win situations.

As a caveat – Don’t bring up a threesome if you know your partner’s not into that. You can cause major problems in the relationship and your romance level will go WAYYYY down. Just keep the fantasies between the two of you.

Treat Your Partner Like You Did When You First Started Dating

Romance tips don’t come anymore realistic then this. When you first start dating someone you treat them with the upmost respect. You don’t criticize them or take them for granted. You treat the well and accept them for who they are. Somewhere along the way we lose that respect for our partners and start to treat them unkindly.

I often say we treat strangers better than our partner sometimes. After all, you wouldn’t tell a stranger that he’s a moron for forgetting to buy something – again!

So try to see your partner as a separate person, like you did when you started dating. He or she is capable of making their own decisions and their behavior is a reflection of who they are, so don’t criticize them for it. You will find that your partner will feel closer to you and you will feel closer to them by doing this one thing.

Don’t Stop Talking

When you stop having serious conversations about your thoughts, goals, dreams, and life then you stop connecting on a level that brings you closer together. This has an affect on your romance level as well because you stop viewing each other as that smart guy or that interesting woman and start viewing your partner as…well, your partner.
Remember that romance tips are not all about setting a mood or foreplay as the basis of romance is an emotional connection or intimacy. You can only get that connection by keeping your conversations open to more than who’s making supper tonight.