Sex With A Grad Student: Why It’s Ten Times More Fulfilling.

July 21, 2019

If you’ve spent a fair amount of time in the college classroom, by now you’ve probably entertained the fantasy of an affair with your TA or a randomly hot grad student. The appeal of a real «man,» one with knowledge and power and intellectual dominance over you, and the fact that you can imagine how yummy he looks under that beautifully fitted Hanes t-shirt, it is grounds for one dangerous concoction. There’s an element of mystery and dynamic chemistry that grad students exude, the seriousness and roughness and clear cut maturity that makes them so much more appealing than their undergrad male counterparts. As someone currently involved in an affair with a grad student, I can tell you exactly why I find it so deliciously fulfilling.

1) He’s so much better in bed.

As an older man, it’s safe to say he’s much more experienced with the opposite sex in general. Rather than striving only to meet his immediate gratification, grad student is in for the long haul. He takes his time. He’s slow, he’s attentive, and he isn’t at all inhibited. There isn’t one part of your body that isn’t responsive to his touch, because he’s had time and experience to cultivate it. It’s easy to get used to this indulgence, to having a man that can take charge and wind the tension up to its breaking point. There’s something about a man that’s uninhibited, that knows his anatomy, and that’s so in tune with your satisfaction, that is nothing short of hot.

2) The scandal factor.

You’re probably well aware of the rules of fraternization by now, and you know that sleeping with the coveted TA is probably frowned upon by faculty and staff. As a bit of a troublemaker myself, the very idea of a forbidden affair was more than enough to prompt me in that direction. The risks that come with sleeping with someone in a teaching position makes one’s heartbeat skyrocket. I live for the thrill of passing by him in the hallway, and knowing that his scent of his skin still lingers in my body, the feel of his kisses are still imprinted on every crevice. It’s so easy to forget the risk, or even have your desire fueled by it, and while it’s dangerous, it is worth every minute. The scandal value of an affair makes the idea that much more tempting, the hidden meetings and secrecy that much more intriguing the rushed, covert sex that much hotter. Quite simply put, you always covet what is explicitly forbidden to you.

3) There are no strings.

Your average grad student TA is working on their PhD, and writing a dissertation is no joke. (Trust me, I’ve tried proofreading one.) While they’re focused on writing a major publication or doing research on the major problems of the world, your affair remains a trivial matter.   The sex is hot, quick, convenient, and discrete, without this long standing commitment, or the pressure that comes with maintaining a relationship. Of course, this is no good for relationship oriented people. It’s not about feelings or love songs, it’s about the feel of your body against someone else’s. A busy lowly undergrad myself, there’s nothing perfect for me at the moment. I want all the temptation and the lust, minus the demands and expectations that are typically attached.

4) It’s a souvenir of your time in college.

Let’s be honest; your time in college can be memorable in many different ways. While this doesn’t work for everyone, what will stand out most in my mind is this affair. I will remember this like a montage of moments, a series of scantily clad pictures and the familiar twinge in my body will remind me if what has been, up until this moment, the best sex of my life. Contrary to pop culture, I didn’t choose to smoke pot, or get trashed every weekend, or have a string of one night stands. This is the one deviance I chose for myself, and I have every intention of indulging in the fantasy. If this is appropriate for you, it can easily be one of the more significant adventures you have. So I’m not going to run off and marry the guy, we won’t be «facebook official,» but I will have gotten (and readily taken) the opportunity to live out one of my long awaited fantasies.

The bottom line is this: the long awaited for affair with that TA or grad student can be hot, if you play your cards right. Expect hot, hot, sex, discussions that might be a little out of your intellectual reach, and the knowledge (and satisfaction) that you’re involved in a tantalizingly scandalous affair. Don’t expect to define a relationship, call him obsessively, and discuss your favorite colors. Never be too readily available, and make the challenge worthwhile. If you choose to have fun, let go, break with convention, and bend the rules, knock yourself out, dive right in, and enjoy.