Sexual Relationships: The Secret Minds Of Men Anyone in a relationship has questions.

July 28, 2019

No matter how long you’ve been dating, or how long you’ve been married, you’re always wondering what your partner is thinking.   And after a recent study, you probably have good reason.   But don’t panic, it’s not all bad.   Just for a few minutes, let’s get inside the head of a man and talk about some of the secrets he’s keeping.

Before we go too far, let’s talk about the 2 reasons men keep secrets from their significant other:

They wish their partner would understand them, but they are afraid they won’t.

They are simply trying to get away with something they know is wrong.

Obviously, the second reason is more of a concern.   If he’s hiding minor things, there is no need for alarm.   He’s probably just not sure how you’ll react.  Let’s get into the secret minds of men.

The Number Of Women He’s Had  Sex With:

Look, men just aren’t sure how to handle this, so they will typically exaggerate, but depending on the man, the number can be higher or lower.   Some men lie high, hoping you’ll see them as sexually experienced.   Other men lie low, so you won’t see them as the player they really are.

Don’t sweat this dirty little secret.   It’s not that serious.   Personally, I’ve never understood why anyone would want to know this.   If you are one that really needs to know, leave a comment below and tell me why.   I’d love to understand why it’s important to you.

Does He Compare You To His Last Girlfriend:

The answer is, absolutely, YES!!   He can’t help it.   Everything you do, you’re being measured.   Lucky for you, he’s not with her anymore.   He’s with you.   All he really wants is someone he enjoys being around, someone who gets along with his friends, and ultimately, some one he can trust and be happy with.

Even if he’s comparing you to her, eventually he’s gonna realize that she’s gone for a reason.   That reason, is YOU!!   You’re the one he wants to be with, and you’re the one that makes him happy.   There, no need to fret about that.

He Still Masturbates

Some people are afraid to discuss this one, but let’s face it.   Masturbation is natural, and NORMAL!   Relax.   It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to be with you.   In fact, in a study conducted by Womens Health, 20% of men admitted to masturbating daily, and 33% confessed to masturbating 3 times per week!

Now who’s normal?   The only time you need to worry, is if he is choosing himself over you, or if he can’t reach climax with you.
He Worries If He Can Stay Faithful

Worry indeed.   You too!   But listen…it’s not  because he doesn’t want to be with you.   It’s because all his life he hears about how sex stops when you get married.   He hears it from friends, family, TV, and even movies depict that sex wanes once the vows are delivered.   That’s what he’s afraid of.

Don’t give him a chance to worry.   Keep a healthy sexual lifestyle, and you will end his fear.   If he is usually the one who initiates sex, then you try to rev things up for a change.   Also, don’t underestimate the power of having spontaneous sex in new places.   You’ll drive him wild and keep him from thinking about moving elsewhere for action.

Men Want Sex Twice As Much As They Get It

It’s not a bad thing.   Sex is natural.   And, according to many relationship experts,  a healthy sex life is important to the success and happiness of any relationship.   So if he’s getting it twice a week, he probably wants it four times.

One big thing to keep in mind is how you reject your partner.   Let’s face it, you’re not always going to want it.   But be careful how you reject it.   It can devestate the ego.   Don’t just say no and roll over.   Let him know why.   But make it up to him by initiating it when you are ready.   It’s a big turn on for anyone, and a HUGE ego boost for every man I know.

Men have crazy, wierd thoughts.   And most of the time, they’re just afraid of you’re reaction.   If he’s not asking for sex, he wants it.   If he’s masturbating, he still wants you.   No need to worry.

Do you ever wonder what men are thinking?

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