Student-Only Online Dating: Worth a Shot?

August 4, 2019

Online dating has become commonplace.

More and more people now are finding their soul mate through the wonderful World Wide Web. It’s easy to be skeptical and doubt the validity of these sites based on the cheesy commercials. How do we know those people aren’t paid actors? Well, I just recently found out that my Aunt and Uncle met through Match. com and they’re really happy. I became a believer.

But what would happen if we were to limit an online dating site to college students only (circa the original Facebook)? Would it be more successful? Less successful? I was fascinated by this concept after seeing an article on CNN. com and I figured if it’s being covered by a national news network then it’s worth my time and research.

I’ve listed the top five most Googled college dating sites below, and a little bit about each one:

1. Student Love: www. studentlove. com

This site, the only one among the bunch that requires an email address that ends in «. edu», is free and offers a database of current students as well as alumni. My first impression of the site though is a bit skeptical. It looks kind of like an advertisement. A cheap advertisement.

2. University Love Connection: www. universityloveconnection. com

Much classier website. It’s also free and offers very convenient drop down options for university and community/junior college students.

3. College Passions: www. collegepassions. com

Even classier. On their homepage, they include a professional video explaining how their site works. Also free, and I like the fact that they provide links to their various services like chat, forums and blogs, and different categories that connect you to others who share that same «passion.» Extra points for creativity.

4. Campus Hook:   www. campushook. com

These keep getting better. This site first boasts a some-what classy background pattern, a far cry from the ugly red and navy blue combination on StudentLove. It instantly kept me on the page for that reason alone. They use clever terms to describe different areas of their site such like, «Yearbook» as the title of their user database. This free site also allows international universities to register and provides links to various articles on student resources, student life and student health and sexuality. They’re classy, they’re clever AND they care.

5. Free College Dating: www. freecollegedating. com

Not a bad site. I rank it in the middle of the pack.  Of course, it’s also free. Its unique in that it features a profile on a different university each week and it offers blogs by site administration on college dating topics.
There are many, many more. These five just have the most traffic. I guess regardless of how classy or trashy I believe they appear based on a first impression, the real value lies in the site members. My advice is to join a bunch (it’s free…) and browse, browse, browse. It’ll be a nice break from Facebook stalking.