The Female Orgasm

August 11, 2019

Many men want to satisfy their women through orgasm, but it’s a topic that many couples avoid talking about. Women become embarrassed when talking about their needs and how to meet them. Most people don’t realize that it takes about twenty minutes of clitoral and vaginal stimulation for women to reach orgasm. Men reach orgasm much faster and many women believe they should be able to orgasm by the time that their men do. Like simultaneous orgasms, this is usually a fairy tale.


The female orgasm occurs when the blood builds up in the clitoris, vagina, and uterus causing involuntary muscle contractions and pleasure. Many women report that they feel as if they’re going to explode when they reach orgasm. Some experts believe that a couple increases their chances of pregnancy if the woman orgasms, because it releases a hormone that produces contractions that encourages sperm toward the egg.

There are three different types of female orgasm: clitoral, vaginal, and simultaneous.

The clitoral orgasm occurs by stimulating the clitoris until the woman climaxes, vaginal occurs when a woman is stimulated vaginally through the g-spot, and a simultaneous orgasm occurs when the woman is being stimulated in both areas at the same time. Reaching a simultaneous orgasm is not impossible but it’s not common.

Orgasms for each woman are different. Some women report that they feel like they lose all control and have enormous orgasms while others describe their orgasms as smaller contractions in their uterus. A woman may have an explosive orgasm one day and a smaller orgasm the next. It varies for each woman and each circumstance. Women don’t have orgasms every time that they have sex. There are outside factors that affect sexual pleasure. It’s okay if a woman doesn’t orgasm every time. She can still have fun.

If you don’t orgasm before your partner ejaculates, there is always the option of continuing through finger and oral stimulation. Talk to your partner and let him know how to please you. Just because you don’t orgasm through sex, doesn’t mean you have to give up.

How can women have orgasms if they’ve never had one? It takes practice. Unfortunately for women, it’s much easier for men to have orgasms. The first step is to have an orgasm through masturbation on your own. Get comfortable with your body. Learn what makes you feel great and what doesn’t work for you. Once you learn how to please yourself, you’re ready to teach your partner how to please you. Don’t be embarrassed when you have to give him guidance. It’ll pay off for both of you when he is able to make you orgasm.

One technique that many women use during sexual intercourse is utilizing the assistance of a vibrator. Talk to your partner about using a vibrator the next time you have sex to increase your pleasure and ability to orgasm. Purchase a small vibrator online or in a sexual pleasure store and it’ll become a regular part of your sex life. If it works for you, why not use it?
Men, here are some tips to encourage orgasm in your women:

Get her in the mood. Most women get turned on by romance, so fix her a homemade meal and light some candles. Listen when she talks about her day and give her support. It’ll pay off in the bedroom for you.

Make sure the environment is comfortable. Trying to get your woman to orgasm when you’re two rooms away from your parents during the holidays is not the time. If she’s stressed due to work or family issues, she’s going to have a harder time relaxing when having sex.

Lubrication. Suggest using a synthetic lubrication that can keep the woman from getting sore during and after sex.
Stimulate her clitoris. If you’re not comfortable stimulating her clitoris, then use a vibrator. Let her know that you want her to be pleased and would be willing to try the assistance of a sexual toy.

Don’t rush things.

Women need much more time than you to get stimulated. Use your fingers and tongue to get her turned on before rushing into sex.

Ask your partner what she wants. Ask your partner if it feels good and tell her to let you know what she likes.
Tell her to take control. Allow your woman to have power over the sexual intercourse every once in awhile. Let her choose the foreplay and sexual positions.

Show affection throughout the day.   Foreplay can start early in the day, by talking to your partner, and touching, hugging and caressing the entire day.   By the time the evening winds down, she will be dying to get you in bed

Never focus on an orgasm.   Focusing on the orgasm is making sex what it never should be, a performance.   Sex should be intimate feelings shared between two people who love each other.   Making it a performance reduces an orgasm to an applause.