The First Kiss – Will It Make Or Break Your Romance?

March 2, 2019

In a new relationship, your first kiss is often a very anxious time. It’s an awkward moment for most men, especially those who haven’t dated in a while.

You have good reason to be nervous when kissing her for the first time. The very first kiss is for many women, a way of sensing chemistry and compatibility.

The preliminaries to the kiss is as important as the actual kiss itself. There are many complex inputs and cues, both chemical and romantic that are sensed by women.

Don’t think that the first kiss is just some ritual that you have to get out of the way. The following are three tips on getting it right.

1.) You won’t make a great impression if you ask her for permission.

Of course you can’t just start kissing because you’re feeling aroused. You need to know when the moment is right. When there is a romantic tension and she shows signs of attraction for you, then seize the moment and kiss her.
Asking her for her permission diminishes the chemistry or “spark” of the kiss. It can cause you to appear indecisive and weak. Women expect to be swept off their feet by a confident and strong man. Now is the time, you must take charge of this moment.

2.) Know her signs of attraction.

Does she find ways of touching you such as wanting to read your palm? Maybe she will trip and hold on to you for support. Has she brushed her hand across yours?

Eye contact is also important. Do you catch her stealing glances at you? Is there prolonged eye contact?
Do her eyes roam over your face? Her eyes may linger over your lips. Does she lean in to be closer to you?

Maybe she’s a little bit nervous? She may even fix or adjust her hair when she senses your attention. Are the pupils in her eyes dilated?

3.) Begin the kiss slowly, as if in slow motion.

Lean in closer, take her hand, look into her eyes and then her lips and mouth. If there is no resistance, kiss her. A variation to this is to gently play with her hair or cup her face in your hands before kissing.
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