The First Move For Men

August 18, 2019

Many men are asking «Why do I always have to make the first move?». The answer is you don’t. In fact, two-thirds of ‘first moves’ are made by woman – some you notice and some that you may not even register.

BUT if you like a woman and she hasn’t made the first move, then you better get on it and make your move instead of sitting around thinking about it.


Because if you don’t do it quickly and instead spend your time thinking about it, then you may turn around to see another guy making HIS move and you will lose your chance with her for good.

So unless you are willing to accept losing a woman that made you excited at first sight then you should be using the following proven techniques as quickly as possible

A Proven First Move Method For Men That Works!

This method is a keeper because it has been proven to work over and over again. This is really the first move you will make because it’s all about showing her your interest – before talking to her.

This is when you use your body language to get her attention, show her your interest, and set up a chance to talk. When showing interest to a woman your body language is doing 90% of the talking and your words only about 10%. So you better make sure that you use it to it’s advantage.

Here are the steps to take when making your first move. Remember that this happens all in a span of about a minute or two.
Make eye contact – Get her attention and hold her eye contact for a few seconds. Don’t give her a glance because that will be a mixed signal to her. Instead hold it for at least a few seconds before you look away.

Smile – You can add a smile in just before you look away. A smile will really confirm to her that you are interested and get her mind thinking. Look away after smiling so it doesn’t become awkward. Studies have shown that if she is interested in you she will look back at you within a minute or so. So check to see if that happens.

Signal ‘Hello’ with your body language – Wait a few seconds and look to see if she looks at you again. If she does then you know you are good to go so give her a nod to say hello – this is essentially asking her if you can talk to her without actually asking her. If she gives you a nod back (or any signal besides shaking her head no) then you are in the clear to move in.
Start working your way towards her – You don’t have to run right over to her and start talking, but you don’t want to wait too long. You can wait a minute before you go over or you can slowly make your way towards her. Either way do it in a calm manner that speaks of confidence.

Things To Avoid Doing and Saying Once You Move In For Conversation

There are things to avoid doing after you get the okay to move in!

Remember that your first move was essentially your first impression to her – and she likes what she has seen so far, but it’s what you say and do when you approach her that will firmly form her opinion about you for good. She may reject you in a split second without giving you another chance if you rub her the wrong way. For instance:

If you give her a cheesy pick up line then you are going to look cheesy in her mind. Avoid what you’ve been told about this line or that line – in fact, avoid lines altogether if you want to make a good first impression with her.

If you act arrogant then she will view you as arrogant. So don’t walk over all cocky and say something like «I knew you were into me…I could tell from the moment I walked in!». You will turn her off faster that a light switch.

If you complain then she will view you as a complainer. Many people start conversations off with complaints, but that should be stopped! Complaints are not attractive and they do not make for a good impression. So don’t talk about how annoying the music is or how bored you are. It’s not sexy.

BUT if you charm her then she will view you as a charmer.

Charming her involves showing her that you are really into her but able to keep your cool at the same time. It’s a balance that women love.

You can make your first words compliments that are real by telling her that her dress is amazing or that her hair looks beautiful (women spend a lot of time on their hair!)

You can also talk about the place you are at and what brought her there. This will get her talking comfortably about what is happening around her and give you both lots to talk about. Keep it current and about your surroundings and you will always win with conversation.

Don’t expect too much from this initial meeting. In fact, you want to end it on a good note so keep it light and fun. Ask for her number and if she would like to get together sometime. Go with the flow and if you don’t feel a long night ahead for the two of you then don’t push it. If you get the number you will have lots of chances for long nights ahead!

The rest is up to the first few dates. Even if your first ‘date’ ends up being that night. Check out our dating tips for men to help you make a good impression after the first move is over!