The Next Move After Sex So you just had sex, made love, or plain hooked up with someone.

August 25, 2019

The next move can be really awkward, especially if it’s your first time hooking up.  

Most of the time, men and women don’t know what to say after a round in the sack.   So what’s the next move after sex?

Experts can tell you different things, but in reality, each person is different.   What you don’t want to do is bruise each other’s ego by talking about how bad it was, and you certainly don’t want to make someone feel cheap by just leaving.

Men and women certainly react defiantly, and since I’m a man, I write from our perspective.   If you’re a woman and would like to share your thoughts, leave a comment in the form below.

More than anything, a man wants to be complimented, even if we know we did good because your legs are still quivering.   We want reassurance that we pleased you.   It really completes the act for us.   The more specific you can get, great…It will be better for both of us.   For instance, tell me how you like the way I swirled my tongue.   Not only does it give me a great ego boost, but I’ll satisfy you that way next time, too!

Another thing you can do is hydrate me.

We just had one hell of a workout, and I’m thirsty.   Usually I’m the one that gets up and gets some water for both of us, but I’ll never forgot first chick who brought me a glass of water.   It was awesome.   It gave me the chance to relax and enjoy.   I knew she appreciated my efforts.

Another thing that drives me wild after great sex is when you get up out of bed.   It gives me another chance to eye your sexy body.   The visual of your curves as you bend over, pick up the t-shirt you just ripped off of me, and let it slide down your sexy body.   It covers just enough to make me want you again!

If this relationship is sort of new, we also want to make sure you’re leaving.

I’m not trying to sound mean, but after having sex with a girl in a new relationship, men get afraid that you’re ready to get married.   We really just want to enjoy the sex, re-live it, and do it again.   Honestly, what is better than the first 6 months of a relationship when you’re going at it every day!

We don’t want you moving your stuff in, forcing us into lifetime commitments.   I’m not saying you have to leave right away.   In fact, that would suck.   I’m just saying there is nothing that puts my mind at ease like knowing that you are going to leave, eventually.

So many times chicks just want to hang around.

We feel pressure to try and satisfy you when really we just want to know that you are going home at some point.   Having sex doesn’t always mean we’re ready for something serious.

Now, obviously our post sex desires will change when the relationship has lasted a little longer.   In that case, even men feel a sense of intimacy, and we really do want you to be there with us.   Lying naked next to each other is a great way to wrap up a wild romp with your lover.

But no matter what, keep complimenting us!   You don’t have to exaggerate, because that will just make us feel insecure.   But tell us what we did good.   I don’t think I’m alone on this, but share your thoughts.   What’s the next move after sex?