Top 10 Things To Do With Your Partner Before The End of The World!

September 22, 2019

I was scrolling across Google trends today and noticed that according to Harold Camping the end of the world is tomorrow.
Who Cares What They Think! It`s the End of The World

So I was thinking that there are some things that you may want to take care of in your relationship before the end of the world!

1. Do that weird sexual fantasy 

Come on, you knew I was going to say this. You know, the one that you wouldn’t share with your partner for a million dollars. Get on it! You might as well try it before you never get to do it again!

2. Tell them their good qualities 

This is something we hardly every do. We are quick to point out the bad qualities (like chewing too loud) and we forget to tell them that we love them for their love of food. Make a list and share it with your partner.

3. Drink a bottle of expensive champagne 

We always save champagne for a special occasion. Well, this is pretty special! Even though cheap champagne tastes just like expensive champagne buy the most expensive one you can find. You will feel like millionaires!

4. Sing a Karaoke song together 

After you drink your champagne you can head out to the local karaoke gathering and belt out a tune of ‘Your The One That I Want! ’ from grease. You will feel closer as a couple and have a great embarrassing moment to talk about for the rest of your life (tonight).

5. Tell them everything you have never told anyone before 

That embarrassing story that you thought you would take to the grave – share it! You will have a special bond with your partner that you can literally say you do not have with anyone else.

6. Tell them everything you wish you would have done together 

If you share those desires and dreams of what you want to do together then you will feel as though you are doing them. Thoughts have a weird way of feeling like something is actually happening. So hang off your balcony and pretend you are sailing through the seas together – enjoy the things you would’ve done together right now!

7. Do one thing for your partner that you would never ever do, but something that they want.

If it’s giving them a foot massage – then do it. If it’s dancing to a slow song then do it. Do something that is out of your comfort zone with your partner, but do something that would make them happy.

8. Streak the neighborhood 

You can wait till it’s dark out if you want, but seriously…how often are you going to get to streak without having to look shamefully at your neighbors tomorrow?

9. Go to a bar and collect numbers

Decide once and for all who is sexier by having a `getting number contest`. At the end of the night the phone numbers will not lie!

10. Enjoy the night 

Living life everyday as your last is all you can really do in the end. Enjoy your partner and the uniqueness they have to offer you. Enjoy how they make you feel. Enjoy how they enrich your life and lift you up.
And if that does not describe your partner then find a new one for the night!