What You Can Do To Make Your Relationship A Happy And Loving One

March 16, 2019

Most couples in a relationship ask, “How do we actually make the relationship work?” The truth is, there are so many answers to this question. Some are easy, some are a bit complicated. Some couples swear that they work, some say they do not. And precisely because of the probability that they work, I came up with these simple, tried and tested cliches for a loving and healthy relationship.

“Thank you” are two very strong words that help keep the bond of partnership between couples stronger. Thus, never take it for granted when your partner does something nice for you such as cooking your favorite dinner, inviting your friends over for a night of card games, or preparing your office attire for the following day.

Improving your manners shows you respect each other despite being comfortable with each other’s presence.

Get out of the routine and discover things as a couple. Being in the same relationship for a long time should not be reason for you to stop discovering new stuff together. Remember that as you discover new stuff, you also learn more about each other in a manner you never thought you could. You probably think that you know your partner 100% already, but by getting out of your routine and your comfort zone, apart from discovering new activities to do, you actually discover more about each other in the process.

Spend time away from each other as well, but never too much time away or far away that you grow distant from each other. Get the point? When you maintain friendships outside of your relationship, do not consider it a threat if your partner has friends of the opposite sex because most likely, it is just about friendship and nothing more.

Think of yourself and your female friends. Do you feel attracted to any of your friends despite being in a relationship with your girl? Most likely, you will say no. Or, if you answer “yes” to the question, still, at the end of the day, it is your girlfriend whom you will look for and not some random chick you are not even sure will be there for you through the long haul. Still, the point here is being away from each will help you become better and more interesting individuals, thus, go ahead and seek the company of your friends.

If the time you spend away from each other becomes an issue with your partner, then learn how to fight right. Never call each other names. Talk only when both of you are in the right frame of mind and not angry. Likewise, focus on the issue that you are fighting about instead of bringing back past hurts that caused your previous clashes. Be responsible adults and remember that you are not fighting with just someone; you are fighting with the one you care about.

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